The Building that Moves
Unit 4

Big Ideas

The architect wants to build the new
building in Dubai. This is the
view from the top of Dubai's
tallest building.

A New Building

Everyone knows that buildings don't move. They can't change the way they look. However, architect David Fisher wants to change that.

To read more, go to Reading Adventures Book 1, page 49.

  • Vocabulary

    Complete the passage below using the correct words from the box.
        Type the letters a-h.

    sounds (v.)
    1. You're going on a trip to Egypt? That great!
    2. I hope oil and gas will one day be replaced by other forms of .
    3. Water takes the of its container.
    4. The man was stopped by the police for travelling at a fast .
    5. Scientists believe the first lived in Africa millions of years ago.
    6. I am going to put my clothes in the washing .
    7. He never finishes anything on time because he works so .

    8. It is for people to breathe under water for a long time.

  • Language

    Check the sentences below which use the word however correctly.

    1. I thought it was a bad idea to climb the mountain. However, my friend wanted to do it.
    2. The cub tried to fish for salmon. However, it caught some very easily.
    3. Luo Yong Fu weighed only 50 kilograms. However, he was very light.
    4. Machines make our lives easier. However, they use up a lot of energy.
    5. I really want to travel to France. However, plane tickets are very expensive.
    6. The building will never look the same. However, its shape will keep changing.

  • Reading

    Look at Unit 4A in Reading Adventures and answer the questions below.
    1. Who is David Fisher?

    a builder

    an architect

    an astronaut

    2. Which is of the following is NOT true?

    The floors of the buildings move slowly.

    The floors of the buildings move quickly.

    The floors of the buildings move at different speeds.


    3. Fisher’s buildings will be “green” because

    of the color.

    the roof has a garden.

    the buildings will make their own energy.


    4. The machines to catch the wind are located __________ of the building.

    on the roof

    between each floor

    on the top floor


    5. What may some people think about David Fisher's ideas?

    They think it will never happen.

    They think it will happen very slowly.

    They think it is very easy to do.


Please complete all the sections before you print your report.
Please note that only your first set of answers will be counted in this report.
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