A Hidden World
Unit 1

Secret Worlds

A Pinocchio frog, one of the animals
scientists found in the Foja Mountains.

Discovery in the Foja

In 2008, a group of scientists went to the Foja Mountains in New Guinea. Here are a few of the animals they discovered. . . .

To read more, go to Reading Adventures Book 2, page 11.

  • Vocabulary

    Complete the sentences below using the correct words from
        the box. Type the letters a-h.

    hardly ever
    1. Advertising had a huge on the company´s sales.
    2. The Olympic Games is a major sporting event.
    3. Scientists first the Pinocchio frog in 2008.
    4. There are many animals and plants that are to this area.
    5. I eat candy because it is bad for my teeth.
    6. You need to be a(n) to play tennis at this club.
    7. After moving house, I went out to my new neighborhood.
    8. There are more than 1,000 different of bats worldwide.

  • Language

    Complete each sentence with the correct relative clause.
        Type the letters a-d.

    which have no roads or towns
    which then went into a magazine article about their expedition.
    which I went to a lot as a child
    which later became a movie.
    1. The candy store, , closed down last week.
    2. After their expedition, the scientists wrote a book, .
    3. The mountains, , are unique.
    4. The scientists took many photographs, .

  • Reading

    Look at Unit 1A in Reading Adventures and answer these questions.

    1. Which of these things happened in the Foja Mountains?

    A group of scientists built a new road.

    Scientists found new species of animals.

    Scientists studied the local people.


    2. How long did scientists spend in the mountains?

    less than a week

    several weeks

    more than 12 weeks


    3. The mouse in the reading passage travels around the mountains ______ . 

    using a road

    on the ground

    moving from tree to tree


    4. Which of the following is true? 

    The scientists saw more than one Pinocchio frog.

    The Pinocchio frog has a short nose.

    The scientists caught the Pinocchio frog in the kitchen.


    5. According to the last paragraph, which of the following is most likely?

    A different group of scientists will explore the mountains.

    The same group of scientists will explore the mountains again soon.

    Local people will do research for the scientists.

Please complete all the sections before you print your report.
Please note that only your first set of answers will be counted in this report.
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